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Saturday, February 21, 2009

My personality DNA

Youniverse Personality TestYouniverse Personality Test

Monday, August 02, 2004

Here are a few Haikus that i found in an amazing collection called Haiku for Lovers:

Watching you get up
I slide into the warm space
that you leave behind

At the airport
our unspent coins-
sights we didn't see

During our arguement
a pink rose
tightens its petals

remembering her
his feet crushed gravel

A broken heart
is an open

Not knowing what to say
he mails
only the envelope

hoping you`ll wake
so we can argue

the telephone poles
so ugly on the landscape
bring your lovely voice

slowly they grew apart
fifty years on their gravestones
lean together

the windowpane squeaks
as my finger draws your name
then mine

Methodical husband:
on his list of chores she finds
Her name

Spellbound husband
his wife`s version
of their courtship

A haiku is enough
given the complicity
of the girl at the window

i touch your left breast,
a soft white pouch in my hand,
holding everything.

A room with a view
making love
in the mirror

Thursday, June 03, 2004


Light follows darkness.
Darkness stalks the light.
Hope follows despair till
Despair is once again in sight.

Life follows death
Yet death is inevitable in life.
Laughter follows the tears
And tears accompany a smile

Good follows the evil
Yet evil corrupts the good
Where one begins the other ends
And the death of one gives life to the next.

That's why the world is round
And we are enjoying a see-saw ride.

Love Me ...and How!

Love me tender
Love me wild
Love me like old
Love me all new.
Love me crazy
Love me slow
Love me madly
Love me but true.
Love me with passion
Love me with love
Love me with heat
Love me with all of you.


Let the tears out-
They need to flow.
Leave the past behind-
You need to grow.
Tears need to fall,
Before they can dry.
It`s hard to let loose(i Know)
But you`ve got to try.
Soon you`ll realize
That you can smile-
Even while you cry
Let go- you`ll feel better (if just for a while).
Don`t lock it all up
Dig in deep
And pour it all out
The sorrow will keep.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

change is good
change is new
change is scary
but change i must!

love i want
love i seek
love i need
but love myself i must

i`ll change my wants
and change my needs
i`ll seek the new
accept myself and love me more.

Friday, April 30, 2004

Living Shadows:

She sat up straight on her bed. The sheets lay rumpled all around her; sweat- hot and sticky- trickled down her face and neck. She looked around the room, trying hard to focus her desperate and dilated eyes. It was the same nightmare again. She knew in her bones it was a bad omen.
She got out of bed. Sleep was impossible, vivid pictures still flashed in her mind even though her eyes were wide open now. She walked slowly, aimlessly and reached the door. The floorboards creaked beneath her feet, but she was deaf to the sounds around her. All she could hear was her own scream, the same one in her nightmares. On shaky legs she walked out the door, into the hall and right through the main door. Stepping down the porch, she made her way to the bench on the far side of the garden. Dazed, befuddled, she sat down and looked with unseeing eyes at the flowers in bloom, then the moon and the stars.
Closing her eyes she leaned back. Taking a deep breath, she ran through her nightmare again, trying to analyze it. She needed to make some sense of the madness that was vying for sanity. What she saw was herself in a lonely house, up in the mountains, no one else for miles. She was humming in the kitchen while tossing her salad, when suddenly the lights went off. She lit the candle that was always within reach for just such emergencies up in the mountains. Going back to tossing her salad, she turned her back on the candle. On the wall in front of her she suddenly saw a long black shadow right beside her smaller one. Just then the candle went off, leaving her in darkness once again.
Bracing her hand on the counter behind her she turned towards the candle. Slowly, as her eyes adjusted to the darkness she looked around the room. Suddenly her hand slipped off the counter, her hands were sweaty and trembling. She couldn’t see anything out of place in the room that had gone pitch dark. The dense trees outside blocked what little moonlight there was outside.
She made her way to the candle and slowly struck a match. Just as she was about to light the wick, a soft puff of air from behind her right shoulder blew the match out. It seemed to her as though the air moved in slow motion from over her shoulder through the few strands of hair over her right ear and down onto the flame. She turned around with a shriek…
She shot off the bench with a shriek before she realized that she was still outside in her garden. The dream recall seemed so life like…Mopping her damp forehead, she took some shaky breaths; this was the point where her nightmare always ended, always so abruptly. Even when her eyes were open, the images, the fear, the sensations lingered on. Images so real that she could hear the crickets` shrill call in the clear mountain air, feel the black shadow breathing down her back even as she now walked back inside. She just knew the nightmare had a bad ending…
She went into the kitchen to wet her dry, parched lips, cool her hot and flaming, sweaty face. Switching on the light, she headed for the basin. The moon, shining and clearly visible through the long windows, was such a pretty visible sight. It almost soothed her frazzled nerves. She had a sip of water and just then the lights went off. With her heart in her mouth, she saw a long black shadow on the pristine white wall, clearly outlined in the moonlight. She opened her mouth to scream but not a sound emerged, just slow tortured gasps. The only other sound in the suddenly still night was her one dry sob, as, clutching her heaving chest; she fell to the floor with a loud, shattering thud, never to get up ever again.
If only she had known that the black human shadow that mimicked her every move and had so terrified her, elongated and distorted as it was by the quirks of the moonlight seeping in from the windows behind her was a macabre replica of herself. It was a full moon night after all and they do say that your shadow follows you to the grave

Thursday, January 29, 2004


Come on over
Step through my door
Talk to me
Share my space
Sip some wine
And dance with me.
Come on over.
Change my life.
Make me over.

Can I?

Will you let me love you
the way I have in my dreams?
While we're at it
Can I teach you to love me too?

May I hold you close and
rest my head on your shoulders?
While I'm at it
Can I make you hold my hand?

How about if i teach you
to start trusting in me?
While I'm doing that
Can I teach you to trust your own feelings too?

Pagan Poetry

There‘s this indefinable air about you
That sets you apart.
Is it a wildness of spirit -
or an untamed heart?
Is it an inner strength
Or a perfected art?

I sense you from afar.
Can spot you in a crowd.
You smile innocently
But the leashed power is plain to see
Whatever it is, whatever you call it-
It inspires pagan poetry in me.