a patchwork thought rug

a few little snippets of my over worked imagination

Thursday, January 29, 2004


Come on over
Step through my door
Talk to me
Share my space
Sip some wine
And dance with me.
Come on over.
Change my life.
Make me over.

Can I?

Will you let me love you
the way I have in my dreams?
While we're at it
Can I teach you to love me too?

May I hold you close and
rest my head on your shoulders?
While I'm at it
Can I make you hold my hand?

How about if i teach you
to start trusting in me?
While I'm doing that
Can I teach you to trust your own feelings too?

Pagan Poetry

Thereā€˜s this indefinable air about you
That sets you apart.
Is it a wildness of spirit -
or an untamed heart?
Is it an inner strength
Or a perfected art?

I sense you from afar.
Can spot you in a crowd.
You smile innocently
But the leashed power is plain to see
Whatever it is, whatever you call it-
It inspires pagan poetry in me.