a patchwork thought rug

a few little snippets of my over worked imagination

Thursday, June 03, 2004


Light follows darkness.
Darkness stalks the light.
Hope follows despair till
Despair is once again in sight.

Life follows death
Yet death is inevitable in life.
Laughter follows the tears
And tears accompany a smile

Good follows the evil
Yet evil corrupts the good
Where one begins the other ends
And the death of one gives life to the next.

That's why the world is round
And we are enjoying a see-saw ride.

Love Me ...and How!

Love me tender
Love me wild
Love me like old
Love me all new.
Love me crazy
Love me slow
Love me madly
Love me but true.
Love me with passion
Love me with love
Love me with heat
Love me with all of you.


Let the tears out-
They need to flow.
Leave the past behind-
You need to grow.
Tears need to fall,
Before they can dry.
It`s hard to let loose(i Know)
But you`ve got to try.
Soon you`ll realize
That you can smile-
Even while you cry
Let go- you`ll feel better (if just for a while).
Don`t lock it all up
Dig in deep
And pour it all out
The sorrow will keep.