a patchwork thought rug

a few little snippets of my over worked imagination

Monday, August 02, 2004

Here are a few Haikus that i found in an amazing collection called Haiku for Lovers:

Watching you get up
I slide into the warm space
that you leave behind

At the airport
our unspent coins-
sights we didn't see

During our arguement
a pink rose
tightens its petals

remembering her
his feet crushed gravel

A broken heart
is an open

Not knowing what to say
he mails
only the envelope

hoping you`ll wake
so we can argue

the telephone poles
so ugly on the landscape
bring your lovely voice

slowly they grew apart
fifty years on their gravestones
lean together

the windowpane squeaks
as my finger draws your name
then mine

Methodical husband:
on his list of chores she finds
Her name

Spellbound husband
his wife`s version
of their courtship

A haiku is enough
given the complicity
of the girl at the window

i touch your left breast,
a soft white pouch in my hand,
holding everything.

A room with a view
making love
in the mirror