a patchwork thought rug

a few little snippets of my over worked imagination

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Feeling the Burden
There is a cauldron of feelings within
that I have long bottled up
They are pushing and scraping against
the walls and barriers I’ve built,
Desperately fighting for an outlet.
Waiting their turn to see the light of day.
Screaming to finally have their say.

They’ve been locked up now
for a long lonely time.
I daren’t even tug their rusty chains,
Or peep at them through the windows of my soul.
Am I ready to meet truth face to face?
Oh! but their pull from within is incessant.
The pain of holding them back is now constant.

Must I really release them?
Let them freely flow.
Go as they may, land as they will.
Will I be able to handle I wonder,
the storm that must follow?
For with their escape will surely be
the birth of a brand new me.