a patchwork thought rug

a few little snippets of my over worked imagination

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Life is funny. Sadistical and perverse. But funny nonetheless. You just need to be disillusioned enough to see the humor thats all. They say what goes around comes around. But from my vantage point its only the bad that seems to make its way back (twice over sometimes) and the good somehow gets left out of the joyride. How else do u suppose that the people you gave your all to are the ones that end up causing you the deepest wounds and the most misery? If you are wondering where the humor is in all this morbid stuff ....its in the fact that we let them. Time and again, over and over. We even seem to draw such elements into our space and our sphere all the time. One would think we`d learn to stay away from such negetive forces in the future, but alas (here is where you need that sense of humor again) we never learn. How contrary can we get anyway? The ones nice and true to us are the ones we take for granted and relegate to the backburners. Hey...i guess thats what they mean...what went around did come around.